10 years anniversary!

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Helena Lorente Merino


Ecocompartimos is an  non-governmental organization orientated to serve the community by providing variety of activities to educate, integrate and introduce people with a huge specter of opportunities to work, travel, volunteer and discover the world.

Activities organized by Ecocompartimos in local area of Illescas and its surroundings helps people to gain new skills and competences. Thanks to various workshops, classes, trainings or even presentations people can improve their language skills, knowledge about the world and different cultures meanwhile also developing their creativity and widening their minds.

Besides huge concentration of activities in local area, Ecocompartimos also organize and participate in variety of activities abroad and usually they are part of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs. Usually these activities are internships, youth exchanges, volunteering projects and joint projects with international partners.

Commitment, perseverance and dedication

are the pillars on which we base ourselves.


2020 April - 2020 May

 E&G International online activities project organized collaborating with Greentin are gaining momentum and every week gathering more and more participants and visibility to our activities. Our organization as well is organizing sport exercises on weekends, English conversation classes for adults and English workshops for kids. If you are interested don't hesitate to contact us!

Ecocompartimos Illescas

E&G International online activities

Ecocompartimos is celebrating 10th anniversary!

In the 10th of April, 2020 Ecocompartimos is celebrating its' 10 years anniversary!

What started back in April of 2010 as a small organization with big plans and unclear vision in 10 years had evolved into Ecocompartimos, our current organization, which now has a huge range of experience in youth exchanges, internships, trainings, international projects and variation of competences in many cultural, educational, environmental and social fields. Every year we are setting new goals and challenges to conquer, for us to improve and make a shift in community, as well as in the minds of the people. 

While celebrating such an anniversary, we are launching our renewed website, which now is more suitable for us to develop, improve as an organization, also to spread our vision, ideas and seek fulfillment of our mission. For the moment the website is only in English version and not accesible by phones, but we are continually working on Spanish and mobile versions of the website, so stay tuned for that!


2020 March - 2020 April

In response of the current situation that the world is facing all of our activities and projects needed to be postponed or reorganized in other way. For that reason we are proposing variety of activities online, which are free and open for everyone to join. Since our activities are online they are accessible for the people from all around the world, so that allows us to collaborate with organizations and people from different countries. One of them is Greentin, an NGO from Romania, which collaborates with us in international workshops for kids. For the online activities another volunteer of Ecocompartimos, Daniel from Canary Islands is also joining us by organizing online workout sessions to stay fit during the quarantine. 

Ecocompartimos Illescas

E&G International online activities


2019 September - 2020 March

In the period from 2019 summer until September of 2020 Ecocompartimos is hosting project "I want to be proactive volunteer" in Spain, where volunteers are organizing and managing activities for local community. If you are interested in such activities provided by our volunteers, don't hesitate to contact us!

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