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Helena Lorente Merino
CEO of Ecocompartimos
I stand firmly for the right of equal opportunities and I believe that it is possible through education. For this reason, after 10 years of work, Ecocompartimos offers new opportunities mainly to youngsters and women through non-formal education.
Commitment, consistency and dedication are the pillars that we stand on.

Marina Lorente
Secretary of Ecocompartimos
I have always thought that our work in life is meaningful as much as we contribute into the world by making it a better place. For the pas 10 years, Ecocompartimos have been realizing this principle through actions  and values that promote non-formal learning, exchange, accompaniment, cross-cultural relations and abolition of barriers.


Maria Ramos
Volunteer and teacher
I believe there are many opportunities and moments in people's lives for learning and education that all of us have the right for. In Ecocompartimos, we all teach and learn; many small people doing small actions only expecting in return to improve the world that we all share - this is how I see my own voluntary contribution.

Nour Elyakine Ayadi

If you have the right attitude and you are prepared to make your own luck, the experience will be unforgettable and at best shape your ideas of the world, as it did in my case, I am glad I made that choice, I am glad to join ECOCOMPARTIMOS

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Chukwudumebi Augusta Egbosiuba

Volunteer and Teacher

Ecocompartimos is an exemplary environment that stands out for it's diversified culturally inclusive activities that creates room for innovative learning experiences and impactful events that molds one's way of life for the betterment of mankind, which in turn has personally enhanced my lifestyle and thinking

Kelly Makaya


Working with Ecocompartimos has been a good opportunity for me, not only have I been able to learn more about informal education but I have also been able to develop my confidence and discover Spain. 


Cristina Martínez
Volunteer, supervisor in summer camp
I knew about Ecocompartimos when I participated in one exchange program in Cantabria. It was a very good experience where I met people with different cultural background and I had a wonderful time. Later I was a summer camp supervisor and I was surprised by what children and teenagers are able to teach you.


María Victoria Jiménez
Without a doubt, one of the best experiences. I have always wanted to participate in an European volunteering service, but Ecocompartimos and Helena gave me a lot more. I was able to take part in many projects in different parts of the world. Thanks to this, I was able to focus on my professional career, in addition, to LEARN, travel and, above all, enjoy. Thanks for everything!


Andrea Petruse
Volunteer, supervisor in summer camp,
tutor of volunteers
I take with me everything that I have learned
through games and will use it for what will come in the future.


Fatima Zahra Fakhor
Volunteer, supervisor ainsummer camp
Ecocompartimos and volunteering have simply made me reevaluate my future; choose between staying in a mental and physical box forever or looking beyond my comfort zone and help myself, other people and countries with needs to develop.


Carlos León
Start to be the change you want to see in the world while being a part in Ecocompartimos.


Daniel Barrios Martín
I was taught to live with a smile and I learned that the smallest details are the ones that make us bigger.


Javier Sánchez
Ecocompartimos has helped me to get to know the diversity that exists in the world that we live in, to learn from it and to enjoy and share what we've learnt.


Sarah Rumboll
I've had the privilege of working with Ecocompartimos for almost three years now. I have learnt so much about myself and other through teaching English as a second language.

Lara Sost
Volunteer, supervisor in summer camp
These are the experiences that I can highly recommend because volunteering is so enriching and it will allow you to improve your capacities, including learn to speak a foreign language, English.

Here is only a small amount of people who helped us grow and improve and we are thankful for their contribution of their time, energy and passion. During the years we had lots of such kind and passionate people who were willing to volunteer with us. If you want to get to know some of these volunteers, click the button below.

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