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Become a part of organization and activities that it provides by joining us as a participant or a volunteer!


Ecocompartimos proposes a huge variety of activities, workshops, trainings and presentations for kids, youth and adults living in local area. All of them are orientated to educate, empower, engage and introduce people with variation of wider and different opportunities. 

If you are living in Illescas or surrounding area, you can easily join us and our activities, by becoming a participant in:

• English conversations for teens and adults. (3 different groups, depending from participants' level of English).

Goal: to learn, practice and improve knowledge of English language.

• Games and workshops in English for kids. (Twice per week)

Goal: to learn, practice and improve knowledge of English language in a fun way. 

• Spanish classes and workshops for foreigners. To learn Spanish we have two activities, one is dedicated to learn grammar and vocabulary with a Spanish language teacher, and for other day we propose workshops to learn Spanish skills that you could use in everydays' life.

Goal: to learn, practice and improve knowledge of Spanish language. Provide opportunity to learn language in informal way, by games and workshops.

Ecocompartimos also is organizing and participating in trainings and youth exchanges in Spain and abroad, which concerning various topics and gives opportunity for youth to get new competences, gain new skills, get some experience in different fields.

So if you are interested in any of the activities listed above and you want to become a part of them, be sure to contact us and get more information about it!


Ecocompartimos is accredited ESC (European Solidarity Corps) organization, which sends, hosts and coordinates volunteers in our own and foreign projects. We can suggest you volunteering on European Solidarity Corps platform by collaborating with other ESC organization and helping you to prepare for the project, support throughout the period of volunteering. 

Since 2014 Ecocompartimos was a part of EVS (European Voluntary Service) platform, until 2019 when the changes there have been made and EVS became ESC. But the reorganization of the platform didn't affected the vision of it. In that period from 2014, Ecocompartimos hosted a great deal of projects, youth exchanges and helped many young people to do volunteering in the whole world. 

ESC program is financed by EU, orientated in engagement of youth from 18 to 30 years. ESC finances youths' internships (for a period from 2 to 12 months) by fully funding accommodation, food, pocket money and traveling expenses. The program is orientated in engagement of youth and usually do not require specialization or special skills in a certain fields, so that everyone can became a part of it by volunteering.

Are you interested in doing volunteering in one of our projects? Maybe you want us to be your sending, supporting organization in a project from foreign countries? Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information and help, by contacting in one of our social networking platform.

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