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Learning has no end 2022/2023

This project enhances innovative learning experiences and hence, all activities that takes place such as the non-formal ways of educating leads to improvement of specified language skills in English and Spanish thereby promoting various evolved diversified skills of teaching which is the major goal for this year's project for all participating volunteers.

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Illescas, Toledo, Spain

English Language Skills

Elevate your English knowledge skills, associate and dialogue with people of common similarities and be well equipped with a foreign language!


Spanish language skills

This Dialogue is geared towards practically studying the Spanish Language skills through innovative Practical and Theoretical modes of learning that involves inclusive games and mutual communication 


Sewing Workshop

This activity has been an innate part of the organization that is aimed towards equipping women with sewing skills in order to empower them and make them entrepreneurs in this field


Youth extracurricular Trainings

The Youth exchange activities has been a year round activity that brings people from diverse parts of the countries together to promote cultural diversity and initiatives that prepares the youth for self-reliance, financial independence and entering the job market for the purpose of individual sustainability through fun activities.

Testimonials from Volunteers

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Chukwudumebi .A. Egbosiuba

"it's one of those encounters that rarely occurs, it is different, fun, engaging and iridescent."

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